Magicool AiO Liquid Cooling Kit (MC-A121A)
"Single 120 mm Edition"




  • pre-filled and maintenance-free liquid cooling kit
  • pump integrated in CPU block, with SATA power and monitoring
  • easy to install, compatible to almost all current CPUs LGA 2011, 1366, 1155, 1150, 775 und AM3(+), AM2(+), FM1, FM2(+) by universal mounting kit
  • extra durable anti kink FEP tubing with ultra low vapor diffusion

Technical Specifications:  
  • Copper base with micro channel
  • Pump DC 12V SATA powered
  • pump height 2,4 m
  • pump speed 100 L/Hr
  • dimension: 62x62x36 mm
  • pump noise level < 25 dBA
  • Radiator made of aluminum
  • Radiator dimension: 152 x 120 x 27 mm
  • Fan dimension: 120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan speed: PWM 600-2200 RPM



Magicool All in One 120 Kit
Color Carton 

copper base with micro channel
Copper Base with micro channel

Magicool All in One 120 Kit Radiator













120 mm Alumimum Radiator

Magicool AiO Liquid Cooling Kit Mounting Accessories

Mounting clips, back plates and accessories