Magicool OEM Radiator Manufacturing


First of all: Due our professional equipment and our skilled workers, we can meet all kinds of demands in modern radiator manufacturing. With our experience we will advice you getting the perfect results for your requirements.

We are able to provide different sizes, with different materials, such like Aluminum, Stainless Steel and of course Copper.

The photos hereby shown, are only some examples for illustration.

We would be glad to receive your OEM request and provide you with your product

Technical specifications
Material Fins: : - copper
  - aluminium
Material Tubes : - copper
  - aluminium
  - stainless steel
Dimensions : on request
Connection threads : on request

[ OEM Radiator Manufacturing ]



[1 HE Radiator/Flat Tube] 


[Round Stainless Steel Tubes/Anod. Aluminium Fins] 


[Copper Radiator/Copper Fins/Round Tube] 

[Aluminium Radiator / Flat tube Radiator]